Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 7 Workout

Its my favorite holiday!!!! Costumes and candy oh my! But its back to the workouts. There is no time to waste its time to get our workout on!

Mountain Climber to Push-ups: This is a wonderful workout for the obliques!!! Start in plank position. Proceed to do mountain climbers (bring the right knee forward then the left knee) after you have done the left and right then do a push-up. Go back to the start.
Corkscrews: Laying flat on your back, put your hands under the small of your back for support. Raise your legs straight in the air and twist one you are at a 90 degree angle. Bring legs all the way down and start over again. Both sides equal on set. Great for the obliques.
Angle Push-ups: Place one hand slightly in front of the other and push-up. Then put the other hand in front of the hand and push up.

Sumo Squats: Spread legs further then shoulder width apart. Squat down and make sure that your knees dont go over your knees. This works your inner thigh.
One leg push ups: Place on leg either in the air or behind the other leg as in the picture and proceed with the push ups. Then do the other leg.
Side Plank Pulses: Are great for getting that baby belly back in gear! Christina is doing a modified version of the side plank. Keeping your hips off the ground and staying in control she brings her hips up and down. Proceed to do this for both sides.

Good Luck with the workouts!
Remember to keep going no matter how tired you are!!!!!!

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