Friday, November 11, 2011

Remember to K.I.S.S

Its Friday and normally I don't post on Fridays, but I stumbled on something on yahoo earlier and thought I would share it before this long crazy weekend starts. It was 10 was ways to make your diet easier. Now if you have read a blog I posted I am not a fan of diets, don't get that confused with eating the right foods or healthier just portion control is all I'm saying. So anyway...I get sidetracked but back to my main topic...REMEMBER TO K.I.S.S or in other words Keep It Simple Sweetie. When going out to dinner with your friends or family, when going out partying with your friends or even when you are just relaxing at home (working on your final presentation) remember to keep it simple when it comes to deciding on what to snack on.

Thinking about eating that cookie??? FORGET IT! Grab an apple instead
Thinking about a nice coke??? FORGET IT! Drink a glass or refreshing water
Thinking about eating a bag of greasy chips?? FORGET IT!! Grab trail mix instead

Remember there is always a healthier alternative to those empty calories that we eat. Fill your body with something healthy during the weekend. Its easier to burn off then that jumbo jack with large curly fries and large diet coke :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 8 Workout

HAPPY MONDAY!!!!! Well if you like Monday's but if you're like me then Monday's are not my fun day. It took me forever to get going today and I am still not in the mood to be a mover. I am blaming it on the time change it thew off my grove :) Now just because my day was slow doesn't mean that the physical activity aspect can take a break. Now....normally my friends and I work out in the morning, however due to circumstances I'd rather now discuss (like bossy people) we did not have the chance. So it looks like I will be doing the workout in the evening today.

Week 8's workout is comprised of exercises moves we have already done so it should be pretty easy to do but hopefully it gets the heart rate up! Week 8's workout is a bit different then the previous workouts, the one is timed. Practice controlling you movements and try reach the max number of reps your body will allow. Good Luck :)

Good Luck!!! Drink Plenty of Water!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hurts so GOOD

The next day soreness is one of the best feelings ever!!! Its that feeling of accomplishment that you were able to to push through a workout that was tough. When working out it is important to remember that its not supposed to be easy, if it was then everyone would do it! But the truth is not every one does, because working out takes commitment and it is hard. When working out keep pushing yourself even when you start feeling that minor ache or that thought enters your mind that says just quit. That feeling of empowerment the next day or even after your workout is the best feeling ever!!!! IT HURTS SO GOOD! I LOVE THE NEXT DAY OF FEELING SORE!