Monday, October 24, 2011


Well it was another one of those weekend....It was my friends Ginger's 30th birthday celebration (today is her bday) Needless to say we went out and had some fun!!! Which now means that we also did some damage...time to get back to work!

Week 6 Workout is all about toning up the arms. My arms are lagging behind in the muscle section so its time to tone up my tinny little sticks :)

To Start off we do mountain climbers. They are great for those hard to reach obliques. I dont have a picture of these sorry girls. The way to do mountain climbers is to start off in plank position and pretend to do a running in place type of motion.
Elisa is doing the plank to push up: talk about stability work. Remember to keep your back straight. This works the arms, back and abs.
Christina is doing the angle push-ups. Start in a normal plank walk your hands over to one direction and proceed to do a push up then walk over to the other side and do another push up. once both sides are complete you have done ONE PUSH UP!
I am doing one style of dips. For me this helps target my abs as well as arms. The important thing to remember when doing dips is to not let your booty lead, lead with your arms. You can also do this on a bench or a chair for better leverage. If you choose to use leverage remember not to exceed a 90 degree bend in your arms when going down.

I dont have the single leg push up picture but it is probably the simplest form of push-up ever! (at least in our opinion). Start in plank position and the lift one leg up.
Elisa is doing a plank with tricep lift. Usually she has a 4lb weighted ball. Anything 4lbs and under is great for toning those triceps!!! Also Push-up to arm raise is similar to the picture above but instead of lifting your arm to the side you raise it straight forward towards the front of your body.

Well ladies be prepared for your arms to be sore!

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