Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outer ear infection

Hello friends, I haven't been able to write due to an outer ear infection. I know silly it didn't affect my hands, but I was in immense pain! I consider myself a tough cookie but this was crazy!!!

Not only was I in pain but I couldn't hear anything!!!  I can handle pain but not being able hear and in pain... Um no thanks!  It was awful! I didn't eat for 3 days! I finally ate on Sunday but it hurt so bad! Since I've been in pain and only wanting to sleep I also haven't worked out.

I know sad face day. 

I'm in the way to recovery :) minimal pain but still no hearing :( 

Are there any remedies anyone suggests???? 

Happy sweatin 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hate everything Kinda day

Today is a hate everything kinda day...

Why you ask???

For the past 2 nights I havent been able to sleep. I have had body aches and chills. Clearly I have ignored them. Welllllll Last night I took my temp and its was like 101.0 i thought I was outta my mind so i took it again and low and behold FEVER. So I took something for the fever and the next thing I know my ear hurts?!?!?! What the Bird?!?!?! I mean its been bothering me but last nights ear ache was nuts!

So I finally fall asleep around 10pm and guess who wakes up at 11?!?! Yep Ace! and he is bawling!!! I pretended not to hear with hope my loving husband would get up and get him. DID HE???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

So i jump outta bed and head over to him. I grabbed him and rocked him and he passed right out. I layed him back down and went back to bed. AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!

HE WOKE AGAIN!!!!!!!! about an hour later he was up. and then every hour after that.

I finally brought him to bed around 330 am. I havent slept and Camden was being clingy all night. So by this point I havent slept and my ear pain is back. Im cranky and irritated and sick!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!

At 330 I wake up my husband to help me, I simply asked him to hold the baby so that I could grab him a bottle because he has been latched on to since I brought him to our bed and IM TIRED! What does he do?!?! He rolls over and puts an arm on him!!! You have got to be kidding me right?!?!I make him get up and actually watch the baby.

This is stinking ridiculous.

So needless to say I have managed to make it through my day on no sleep, I have a million different tasks and dont wanna do any of them. Did I mention I have pitching lessons to do today? oh and did I mention its 1000 degrees here??? Did I mention that Ace started his first day in the TODDLER ROOM yesterday and was cranky???OH and did I mention I HAVE AN EAR INFECTION?!?!?!?

SO yes its been a long day but I will survive! WHY??? because Im a mom and i love my husband and son.

Sorry for the Rant

Happy Sweatin :)

Still no running :(

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running Slacker, Push up Romper

So I used to be this workout-aholic then I got pregnant, got married, got a house, and started working all in that order. Needless to say my priorities have shifted from me to well everything around me. I finally thought I had a routine down when summer first started. I was running everyday when I got out of work,  but then I was struggling with the cooking dinner aspect not to mention after running I was exhausted and didnt want to cook and Ace was exhausted. Then I started giving pitching lessons again and my schedule was thrown off again.

Then, since its summer and Ace loves water we started going to the pool on days I dont do lessons. So guess what was weeded out?!?! RUNNING!!!!! This word used to be the death of me in college now I do used to do it to clear my mind. But between a toddler, the pool, pitching lessons, and managing a house hold (did I mention Im a full time working mom?) I have cut out running. 

I know what kinda health person am I? I dont even run????

Well judge shall you not (in my Yoda voice)

Ive actually been keeping up with my push-ups. I know 10 doesnt sound like a lot but trust me! For me its loads!! I have ZERO upper body strength. Im surprised I can carry Ace!

So for now Ill keep trucking on my pus hups til i hit 45!! I know i can do it!!!!!!!!

choice. #fitness
(okay so this isnt me but I like the quote)

Happy Sweatin :)

Next week ill get back into running, 100+ degree heat at 5pm is not ideal. Hello Pool time :)

Post push up testamony

Thursday, August 8, 2013

National Breast Feeding Week

Happy National Breast 
Feeding Week!!!!!!

Its NATIONAL BREAST FEEDING WEEK!! Congrats to all the mommas who breast fed, breast feed, or will try and nurse their babies.

I had the privilege of nursing Ace! He was such a good latcher and a milk monster!! He is now 13 months old and I am now ready for him to be weaned. He is now in his own crib and he is sleeping through the night!! It only took him 13 months to finally sleep through the night and out of our bed! I miss him immensely but having him in is own crib is a huge accomplishment! 

My nursing story:

From the get go I knew I was going to nurse him. There was never a doubt in my mind. I knew all the benefits and also that formula is hella expensive and we dont qualify for govt aid. The day Ace was born was crazy...I was still in shock that this being came outta my body. I was scared SHITLESS!!!  My lactation consultant waltzed into my room and we began the latching process. After about a day he was hooked! From that day on we were inseparable! Me and my little milk vampire were attached at the boob. He nursed night and day and day and night...that is til  I came back to work. Then I pumped, 2 times a day and thank God I have been able to do it 2 times a day, 5 days a week, for 10 months! Talk about exhausting!!!!

I wish I could say its all been peachy but it hasnt. Ive taken fenugreek when my supply ran low and spent a month smelling like Ihop. All in all I wouldnt trade it for the world. 

I love my Ace

            Here is Ace at 12 hrs                        and                  Here he is at 13 months (still nursing)

Happy Trails

Still doing my push ups!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Feeling EVER!!!

Today I took Ace to the pool. It's one of my favorite activities for us to do and he loves it!!!!  He just loves water and splashing and when it's 104 outside trust me its better than AC! 

Well I wore a bikini and received the best compliment from one of the other mommas. She said that I looked pretty awesome for having a baby 13 months ago!!! I know my hubs says it but he is supposed say that right?!

Hearing it from a complete stranger just let me know that I'm doing something right! I may not be a workout freak like I used to but at least my diet is making up for my lack of "extreme workouts."

Happy sweatin :)


Monday, August 5, 2013

Challenge Fail!!!

Well I did it again!!

I missed 3  no make that 4 days of no push ups *sighs*

But I have a good excuse!!!!! Okay well no excuse is good but its semi good?? OKAY NO!!!

I started off doing really good, but then the husband and I went on a mini vacation so there was a no go in the push up department I thought it would be easy to keep track of them cause I have the picture saved to my phone but it turned out not being a good tracker. So now I have written it down on my calender at home on the fridge! I have no excuse now!!!

Oh and the husband is doing a challenge also!!!

Here is to crossing fingers and pushing up Texas!!!

Happy Sweatin :)