Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 4 Workout

Another week means another work out ladies!!!!!! By now everyone should feel more energetic and see some type of weight loss and toning. Remember to try your best and the hardest exercises are the ones to push though.
By now we should hopefully know what a push up is, and how to do it. We dont have to be perfect at it as long we try.

The next thing we must learn is how to do a wall sit. Wall sits are a great tool for practicing stability for your legs and abs. Just REMEMBER to keep your legs at a 90 Degree angle and back straight! Do not lean forward, this will defeat the purpose of the workout.

Floor Dips: Holding your own body weight and bending at the elbows. The modified version of this exercise is to bend the knees. Try not to use your booty when going down towards the floor. Make sure you dont touch the floor when going downward. This is a wonderful way to tone your arms!

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