Friday, September 30, 2011

Never Give Up

Remember no matter what happens keep going. Dont try to be anyone else, be yourself and challenge yourself to push that extra minute of movement. Dont let anyone discourage you, keep moving. Dont beat yourself keep pushing to be better. Every time you think about not working out remember you could be half way done with your workout by now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Key Word in Diet is DIE

Image from Yahoo

DIET.... Everyone does them form the simplest to the most extreme. But diet doesnt mean not eating and starving yourself, nor does it mean cutting all the yummy-ness. Im not a fan of diet, counting calories, weighing my food or any of that other business. If it taste good I eat it!

Here is the problem with DIETS:
  1. They are like a roller coaster- You start of by plunging in and then you work your way back to the greasy good
  2. They usually involve food that taste like cardboard (not that I have ever tried it)
  3. They are bad for your digestive track!
Lets talk about number 3 a little bit. So as we grow and consume food our stomachs stretch to hold the food. Well what happens when we over eat is that our stomachs stretch and stretch eventually causing extreme weight gain. Then comes the fad DIETS. This is just as bad as overeating. WHY????? well because repetition of over eating then having a crash diet then over eating again cause this tiny little gland called the hypothalamus gland to go out of WHACK (for lack of a better word). So it never knows how to regulate your digestive system, and is always confused.
Instead of over indulging, IT'S CALLED PORTION CONTROL!!!!

You know that yummy ice cream or chocolate you can eat for EVER! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat some of the cake NOT the whole thing!

I LOVE FOOD! But I know when to say thats enough, its hard but I know what I want to accomplish in my own body.

Below is a link from YAHOO, normally i dont believe what I read online (unless its on FB..JK)
but I actually remembered most of the info from when i took nutrition back in the day.

Have fun eating without the guilt and Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers!!!!

I got this one from PINTREST! It was wonderful snack ideas so we wont over eat when its time for lunch and dinner. Snacking every 3 hrs helps with portion control at lunch and dinner :)

Good Luck Yall!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2 Workout

First we started off with a 5 minute jog around the block

then we did a quick individual stretch and proceeded to start with:

50 Crunches
20 Jump Squats
30 Side Crunch
20 V-up's
150 Calf Raises (90 Regular, 30 Right leg only, 30 left leg only)

In between we did 1 minute wall sits and then a quick 15 foot sprint.

Below are pictures of my friends and I doing some of the exercise. There are both the modified and the regular version.

Here is Elisa doing the traditional crunch. Her feet are flat on the ground and her hands are behind her head. Elisa is a bride to be so she is working hard during our sessions! Notice her arms arent pulling her neck so she is relaxed.

Dorian is demonstrating how to do the squat jump. The reason her hands are up in a karate like position is because along with her legs she is going to use her arms to stretch her body up!!

Christina is showing how to do both the regular plank and the modified. Some people find one harder then the other. I prefer the modified plank over the regular because i feel it makes me use my core more. Remember it is important to keep your entire body in a straight line.

Ginger is my doppelganger aka look alike-ish. Here she is doing the side crunch. Now here is something to remember: There are many ways to do a side crunch!!! For this day this is what we choose to do. If you are trying to get more support while doing these exercise then i suggest that the arm closest to the ground be extended out for stability and comfort (but not lazy comfort).
Last but not least is me!!!! So I am doing a modified version of the V-Up. Being that it has been forever and day since my last workout I was unable to do the regular on :( i know sad day. No worries though. I shall be able to do them again!!! Doing this move requires extreme patience and requires concentration. I was pooped out after doing this!

Well now that you have your workout for the week and the pictures of how they look. Have fun! I recommend doing this 3 times out of the week.

Remember to drink water and keep a towel.

Good Luck Yall!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dark Chocolate = As Running?!?!?!?!

I was driving to work the other to work, while on my way I heard on the radio that DARK CHOCOLATE IS AS GOOD AS RUNNING!!!!! I thought no way!!!! So i looked it up and sure enough Dark Chocolate can help boost muscle growth!!! How awesome is that?!?! Im so excited (can you tell). Anyway, the ingredient known as epicatechin can boost fitness in the same way as if you were running. So for all you chocolate lovers enjoy! (in moderation of course)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The 100 Exercise Reference Guide

Hope everyone liked the 100 WORKOUT!!! Its toughie (i think that's spelled wrong). Yesterday I got a bit carried away with starting the blog that I forgot to post pictures exercises looked like...WOOPS!!!!

Also you will notice that I have a helper (my puppy) she likes to monitor my workouts and adds a little weight when

SQUATS: For squats i usually put my hands behind my head or on my hips,
however i have found that for beginner squats the arms extended in front help for balance. Remember when doing these NOT come over your toes. I also find that if I point my toes up towards the sky it helps with form. (PRETEND YOUR SITTING IN A CHAIR)

Toe Touches: Remember for Toe Touches try and reach for your toes. Keep your legs as straight as possible and remember to contract those abs! Every time you come up to touch your toes lift your shoulders off the ground (this will help with straining your neck).

Leg lift: also known as Pike-ups, Leg swings, Leg ups, etc. are some of the best core exercises. Start of laying flat on the ground, I like to place my hands under the small of back for support (otherwise my tailbone scrapes and hurts.) Lift your legs 6 inches above the ground and swing your legs with control! When bringing your legs down do not touch the floor. This exercise is really good for contracting the lower abs (most peoples problem area) and works flexibility in the BOOTY and hamstrings! Also good for back strength.

Forward Alternating Lunges: This is one of my favorite exercise for glutes(butt)!!!!! Remember when doing this start with feet together and step forward. There are all sorts of ways to do lunges but we are just starting out again so this is the basic. Its very important when doing these that you do not come past your front toe!!! Its bad form! and it can cause injuries. If you cant go very low then only go half way down. I cant go that far down because im still working on rebuilding muscle on my right leg from knee surgery.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Start

So I used to be a personal trainer at Bally Total fitness for awhile and all through I LOVED helping people the gym just wasnt for me. Honestly who can afford the prices of a personal trainer now days?! No one!! Who has the time to get to the gym to work out for an hour with todays busy schedule?! NO ONE! But an at home workout that doesnt require any equipment and takes about 30 minutes to do?!?!?! Well heck anyone can do that!!!

Here is what im thinking....every week i will post a workout so that we (as and me and whoever reads this blog) can have variety in their lives. Lets start with the 100 Workout!!!! (I didnt make this one up but I did change some of the exercise cause i didnt like the original ones)

Today's Workout:

Last but not least: Remember a towel (you will sweat!), Stay hydrated and drink water!!! if you experience muscle cramping eat a banana or drink a small amount of pickle juice to relieve cramping. and dont forget to STRETCH!!!!!!!