Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be healthier

After giving birth 7 months ago my I quickly went back to my normal body size but now I'm actually a bit under weight with very little muscle tone :-/ my poor legs look hideous! My husband says I'm perfect but when I look in the mirror I see skin and bones where muscle tone once covered. I went from having a six pack, to a round belly, to now well I'd rather not discuss it. It's not bad I guess but it's not me!!!!!!!!!

I'm one of the lucky ones who didn't get stretch marks (knock on wood I don't get them with the next one) but that doesn't mean I'm not self conscious when I look in the mirror or heck when I wear shorts! One thing I have gained is buff arm muscles!!!!

K so starting tonight...or maybe tomorrow cause tonight it's papa johns ;) my favorite pizza I'm going to eat healthy not go out to eat for 30 days!! ( k well I may cheat on the 30 days cause its my hubba hubba's birthday this month and valentines day), but at least no fast food! It's not gonna be easy with work and all those darn deals!

I will be healthier...I will be healthier...I will be healthier...I will be healthier

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