Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running Slacker, Push up Romper

So I used to be this workout-aholic then I got pregnant, got married, got a house, and started working all in that order. Needless to say my priorities have shifted from me to well everything around me. I finally thought I had a routine down when summer first started. I was running everyday when I got out of work,  but then I was struggling with the cooking dinner aspect not to mention after running I was exhausted and didnt want to cook and Ace was exhausted. Then I started giving pitching lessons again and my schedule was thrown off again.

Then, since its summer and Ace loves water we started going to the pool on days I dont do lessons. So guess what was weeded out?!?! RUNNING!!!!! This word used to be the death of me in college now I do used to do it to clear my mind. But between a toddler, the pool, pitching lessons, and managing a house hold (did I mention Im a full time working mom?) I have cut out running. 

I know what kinda health person am I? I dont even run????

Well judge shall you not (in my Yoda voice)

Ive actually been keeping up with my push-ups. I know 10 doesnt sound like a lot but trust me! For me its loads!! I have ZERO upper body strength. Im surprised I can carry Ace!

So for now Ill keep trucking on my pus hups til i hit 45!! I know i can do it!!!!!!!!

choice. #fitness
(okay so this isnt me but I like the quote)

Happy Sweatin :)

Next week ill get back into running, 100+ degree heat at 5pm is not ideal. Hello Pool time :)

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