Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 3 Workout

For anyone looking to tone and tighten the legs!!

Remember to drink plenty of water and stretch afterward!!!
Here is Christina doing the sumo squat. There are several ways to workout the legs by doing a variation of squats. Sumo squats require your legs to be wider then shoulder width apart. ***Its important to note that when going done into squat position your knees still come to a 90 degree angle***

Spider Man Burpee
Ginger is doing the Spider Man Burpee. Picture A shows her in Plank Position.
Next she brings her left leg out to the side of her body and then places it back in plank position; then she brings up the right leg (picture B).
After She is back in plank position she then proceeds to bring her knees to her chest in tuck pose (picture C). The Last step will be picture E, here you push off the ground into an upward type of jump, then proceed to start the process over again.

Plank to Push-Up
Elisa is doing the plank to push exercise (this is awesome for core strength).
The first step Elisa does is the plank and then she GENTLY drops down to one elbow and then the other. Once both elbows are down the mat (modified plank) she then proceeds to push her body back up one arm at a time to regular plank pose. Now if youre more advanced or want a challenge please feel free to do a push up then begin step one. However if your would rather wait to build a bit more upper body strength just repeat the first step:)
Straight Leg Raises

Here is Elisa again!!! Now here she is doing straight leg raises or as i like to call them Stationary Soldier Walks. It is a simple basic move which helps with flexibility and really works those quads!!
Keeping the legs completely straight kick your leg as high as possible. Do alternating legs so increase heart rate.

Cross-back Lunges
Ginger (check out the facial expression on photo C) is doing cross-back lunges. Start with both legs together and then step back at angle. Keep remember to keep your knees at a 90 degree angel. Do this for both legs. Its simple yet burning.

Leg Side Plank Leg Lift

I know it is a mouthful but i cant think of another name. It is simple to do but tiring. Keep your elbow flat on the ground of course at a 90 degree angle. Keep your hips up off the ground, and the leg closest the ground bend for support. The top leg then kicks up off the ground in an upward motion. Stay in control

The Side Plank Leg Lift
The side plank unmodified. This is hard!!!! I struggled with it :( Keeping balance was extremely difficult. When doing this you have to keep your hips up. Squeeze your booty and your core to help your body up. Try your best not to fall over.

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