Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get the Skinny on being Healthy

Talk about way to thin! Yikes! Being this skinny is not whats up! ALONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG LONGGGGG time ago (okay not that long ago) but once upon time this was okay. But not anymore ladies!!! Its time to start eating!!
Eating has always been seen in a negative connotation because skinny is "sexy." However, EATING IS GOOD! Eating small portions every 3 hours helps keep the metabolism (the thing that burns fat) up. With proper diet plus exercise helps to keep people at a healthy weight.
Healthy is the new skinny!!!!
There is no such thing as the ideal body. If I could be what I would consider ideal i would be 5'5" 135 lean mean machine, but Im not, Im 5'4" 118 lbs and that's okay. Everyone is built differently...we have short, medium, tall, stocky, muscular, bony, thick, thin, etc. It's our build who makes us who we are. Imagine if we all looked like the two ladies above?!?!? YIKES!!! Someone please tell these ladies to eat something!

Yummy food!!! Please ladies eat! Its awesome. Remember to make healthy choices, put down that chocolate bar and soda. Get your energy from fruit and veggies!

We arent perfect and we enjoy soda and tea and all the other junk food, but doing it moderately helps keep level heads and positive attitudes :)

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