Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 5 Workout

If anyone had a weekend like mine then the workout is gonna kick your BOOTY!
This weekend was not my most behaved eating weekend, it was my BIRTHDAY followed by my friends 3 year old daughter's sugar feast of a birthday. Lets be serious since I was one of three helping prep for the party it was only fitting that I sampled all the yummy goodness!
Boy am i paying for it today. I feel bloated and all sorts of YUCKY! During our morning jog I got a cramp in my side (rarely ever happens). That's what i get for not drinking any water all weekend.

I made a type-o in the workout box. Im stead of saying Push-up to single leg it is supposed to say Push-up to Single Leg Squat


This weeks workout is about the arms :)
These are tuff! Reverse push-ups are starting from the bottom up. Start with your chest close to the ground then push up and continue with your regular push-ups.
While in plank position lift on arm (like Elisa). If this is to easy then try using a weight or some type of heavy object that will be challenging.
Angle Push ups are hard! They work all the abdominal muscles. Start in regular push up form, do one push up then walk your hand over to one side and do one push up; the proceed to the other side and do the same. Once you have completed one cycle you have done one push set. Good luck!
Remember use your arms not your bum to lower your body :)
Reminder: Lead with your arms not your chest and when you push up make sure you dont use your back! Squeeze your abs and your glutes to help push you up.
Push-up to single leg Squat is so much fun to do. It requires core-dination and balance (which i dont have). Start in Plank position then go down to push-up, come back up to plank. Walk your hand in til your booty is in the air. Come up to single leg stance then go down to squat. Then bend over and walk your hand back out to plank position.

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