Friday, June 28, 2013

Post Baby

I gained 20 lbs during pregnancy, found out I had gestational diabetes and lost 5! Not good for a pregnancy. I gave birth at 36 weeks and 2 days to healthy baby boy. I went from 115 to 130. Easy peasy right? Sure the hard part came later when I looked at myself in the mirror naked. YIKES! I had finally come to terms with a growing belly and since that was the only thing growing I was fine.

But when I finally looked in that enemy of a mirror I saw a deflated ballon where my baby once stayed. I still looked pregnant and somehow saggy all at the same time. Gross! 

This is me a week or so after giving birth. I went from once having abs before I got pregnant, to coming to terms with a living being in my body, now THIS?! Really a giggling sack of guts?! I'm pretty sure I didn't look in the mirror for a looooooooonnnnnngggggggggggg time! Not to mention I was catching the hang of a new born baby. 

You know what to expect when you're expecting can suck it! They don't tell you bout losing your identity, or that your body will be a new culture shock for you. You bleed forever after a baby well at least 4 weeks then spotting for another 4. I swear pads are the worst!  

Needles to say, working out was not working out. Not for me anyway. Not to mention my house was still being built!!!! So we lived at my in laws. I put my body in the hands of breast feeding. I lost all the weight in 3 months but still was saggy. Still no mirror for me.

See this is me 3 months after birth still looking pregnant!!! Really?!?!?!

It wasn't til I started "working out" by going for walks every other day that I noticed a difference. I started going for walks 6 months postpartum, but not like walks where you window shop but the kind that bust your bum! 

Happy Trails!

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