Thursday, June 20, 2013

Worst Blogger EVER!

I'm probably the worst blogger in history!! I go through spells where I neglect my blog then remember to write. But if you had my crazy life you would forget too!!

I have decided its time to be proactive on this blog again!  A friend of mine as inspired me to pick it up again just because she has having difficulty losing her baby weight after baby number 2! Honestly, she just needs to strengthen her back, hamstrings, and core. Its not fat, I swear, its her guts just chilling there (if you have ever been preggers you know what Im talking about).

You will be happy to know though that i have been working out for a month, though i havent posted anything :(

I will start though. Ill show you what I looked like 1 week after pregnancy then 3 months post my Ace and now 11 1/2 months later :) I must say its been hard work! But very rewarding.

I used to think people used kids as an excuse to not work out but CLEARLY I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheer exhaustion keeps people from working out. The stressors of mommyhood (stay at home or working, Im a working mommy), being a wife, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, attempting to sleep, nursing, pumping, trying to remember to eat and then throwing a shower in there somewhere. That's all in one day might I add.

Ill post the pictures tomorrow or if I can steal the ipad away from my hubba hubba ill do it tonight :) but if not for sure tomorrow along with my new workout regime of mommy-ism.

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  1. Can't wait to jump on the journey with are my inspiration that it can be done?!