Friday, June 21, 2013

Preggers with my Ace

This is me and my Hubba Hubba before we went to see Kevin Heart. Let me tell you something! Feeling like SHAMU in a small chair with no arm or leg room is for the BIRDS! While he was funny I felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole! ATTEN: Arenas please make a maternity friendly chair! Please!!!!

And here I am in all my glory again just one week before I went into labor! Have I mentioned I live in the country of TEXAS! Here the sunshines 360 days a week and I gave birth in July! This baby shower was hot as Hades and did I mention it was outside! OMG! I was a hot tamale! 

Let's see so here is my Pregnancy in a nutshell. Hopefully its not to long.

I found out I was pregnant and cried. Not thw happy tears but the bad ones, you know the type, the I dont know how this happened and the why me's?!?!!? Think what you will but I NEVER in my life wanted kids. Sure yours are cute but I can give them back when they misbehave! I was selfish so sue me! It took a while to cope and I didnt tell a soul! BEST KEPT SECRET EVER!! Anyway I had a pretty easy pregnancy...I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (only gained 15lbs but whatever) minus that hiccup I had no morning sickness or stretch marks. So easy right? right!

Lets see...I was very healthy once I found out I was a gestational diabetic, like ridiculously healthy! More so then ever! Minus sweet tea thought, Im from the south I aint getting rid of that sweet thang. I walked 3 miles everyday and did pitching lessons til I was due. Anyway, my water broke July 6, 2012 at 3:30 am and then my lil Ace came at 12:12pm. My sweet I cant imagine a life without him. 

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