Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2 Workout

First we started off with a 5 minute jog around the block

then we did a quick individual stretch and proceeded to start with:

50 Crunches
20 Jump Squats
30 Side Crunch
20 V-up's
150 Calf Raises (90 Regular, 30 Right leg only, 30 left leg only)

In between we did 1 minute wall sits and then a quick 15 foot sprint.

Below are pictures of my friends and I doing some of the exercise. There are both the modified and the regular version.

Here is Elisa doing the traditional crunch. Her feet are flat on the ground and her hands are behind her head. Elisa is a bride to be so she is working hard during our sessions! Notice her arms arent pulling her neck so she is relaxed.

Dorian is demonstrating how to do the squat jump. The reason her hands are up in a karate like position is because along with her legs she is going to use her arms to stretch her body up!!

Christina is showing how to do both the regular plank and the modified. Some people find one harder then the other. I prefer the modified plank over the regular because i feel it makes me use my core more. Remember it is important to keep your entire body in a straight line.

Ginger is my doppelganger aka look alike-ish. Here she is doing the side crunch. Now here is something to remember: There are many ways to do a side crunch!!! For this day this is what we choose to do. If you are trying to get more support while doing these exercise then i suggest that the arm closest to the ground be extended out for stability and comfort (but not lazy comfort).
Last but not least is me!!!! So I am doing a modified version of the V-Up. Being that it has been forever and day since my last workout I was unable to do the regular on :( i know sad day. No worries though. I shall be able to do them again!!! Doing this move requires extreme patience and requires concentration. I was pooped out after doing this!

Well now that you have your workout for the week and the pictures of how they look. Have fun! I recommend doing this 3 times out of the week.

Remember to drink water and keep a towel.

Good Luck Yall!!!

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