Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Key Word in Diet is DIE

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DIET.... Everyone does them form the simplest to the most extreme. But diet doesnt mean not eating and starving yourself, nor does it mean cutting all the yummy-ness. Im not a fan of diet, counting calories, weighing my food or any of that other business. If it taste good I eat it!

Here is the problem with DIETS:
  1. They are like a roller coaster- You start of by plunging in and then you work your way back to the greasy good
  2. They usually involve food that taste like cardboard (not that I have ever tried it)
  3. They are bad for your digestive track!
Lets talk about number 3 a little bit. So as we grow and consume food our stomachs stretch to hold the food. Well what happens when we over eat is that our stomachs stretch and stretch eventually causing extreme weight gain. Then comes the fad DIETS. This is just as bad as overeating. WHY????? well because repetition of over eating then having a crash diet then over eating again cause this tiny little gland called the hypothalamus gland to go out of WHACK (for lack of a better word). So it never knows how to regulate your digestive system, and is always confused.
Instead of over indulging, IT'S CALLED PORTION CONTROL!!!!

You know that yummy ice cream or chocolate you can eat for EVER! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat some of the cake NOT the whole thing!

I LOVE FOOD! But I know when to say thats enough, its hard but I know what I want to accomplish in my own body.

Below is a link from YAHOO, normally i dont believe what I read online (unless its on FB..JK)
but I actually remembered most of the info from when i took nutrition back in the day.

Have fun eating without the guilt and Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers!!!!

I got this one from PINTREST! It was wonderful snack ideas so we wont over eat when its time for lunch and dinner. Snacking every 3 hrs helps with portion control at lunch and dinner :)

Good Luck Yall!!

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