Friday, July 26, 2013

a Year Later

I remember when I started showing with Ace and the weight started packing on I told my hubs that I would be in a bikini again for the next summer. He of course being an over protective husband said heck no!! Youre not showing you body.

But you know what?!?!? Ive endured

  1. 9 months of pregnancy 
  2. 6 hours of labor
  3. 1 epidural
  4. episiotomy 
  5. Count less loss of sleep
  6. Over a year of nursing
  7. Over a year of wearing nursing friendly clothing
  8. Pumping twice a day at work
  9. Smelling like maple syrup thanks to fenugreek
...and I'm sure Im missing somethings in that list but those are few I could think of off the top of my head.

So I finally did it!!! After a few months of working out and eating lots of baked and grilled chicken and fish  I wore a bikini!! and with the same confidence I have done before. Thats the key to keeping healthy. Whether your big or small, tall or short CONFIDENCE is always KEY!

Now I didnt take a picture in my swim attire, it just felt weird to do that but not gonna lie knowing that I had a baby a year ago and can still rock a two piece is something amazing!

Quick mini workout:

Jump rope for 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Jump rope on rt leg 30 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Jump rope left leg 30 seconds
Rest 15 Seconds
Jump rope side to side 1 minute
Rest 30 Seconds

Repeat 3 Times  

Happy sweating :)

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