Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 2 of flexibility

Today was rough at work! I was so sore from yesterday's stretching and core; I felt like a total wienie too. There was a time when I was beyond flexible and now I kinda feel like an old tortilla that's been left in the fridge to long and when you take it out it and fold it, it cracks a breaks :-/

Today was my second attempt. I was finally able to put my elbows on the floor while doing the floor straddle.

Today I also decided that I need to set a goal for myself...

1. By May be able to do the left/right split.
2. By June be able to do the center split
3. By August be down to 15-18% body fat (20%)

Today's stretch consisted of floor straddle stretchin, hurkey floor stretchin both sides and both front and back. And then25 pike ups for abs and then pike up twists.

Pics will come soon when I can have some when take them .

Lots of water tomorrow to help ease soreness

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